BM 2000 3 Nozzle Universal plastic bottle filler for sports caps and normal screw / snap on caps

*  Versatile: Can unscramble different designed caps.
*  Versatile: Fills a variety of sizes with change parts
*  Quick change between sizes
*  Foil caps/screw caps
*  Relatively low cost mach

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 BOTTLEMATIC 2000 PLASTIC BOTTLE FILLER

      To fill bottles up to 2 litres with liquid products such as milk, fruit juices, cooking oil, and mineral water.
      A special 5 litre machine can be supplied.

      The machine can be supplied to fit aluminium foil caps or plastic snap on or screw on caps.

      The machine is capable of  filling a variety of bottle shapes and sizes without few change  parts - or in special cases
      an absolute minimum.  

     The adjustment to different bottle sizes is very quick.

      As the machine is based on Handi-Pak’s original patent of suspending the bottle at the neck it is desirable to get the  
      supplier to supply the various bottles to be used with recesses in the necks that are of:

      1.  Equal diameter

      2.  Have a reasonable upper ledge for the bottles to hang from. All of this is very easily possible without it having
          any effect on the cost or shape of the bottle.


      Main cabinet and all parts in contact with product are constructed in stainless steel. The stand of the machine is also 
      stainless steel. Construction is sturdy and robust for heavy  production.

      This is a fully mechanical machine and only requires compressed air for the cap unscrambler and anti-bottle rotation


      Bottles are fed into the carousel by an operator. The carousel then rotates and the bottles are  indexed under the filling
      nozzles. The tank as an assembly with valves is lowered gently into the bottles.  Filling then takes place by level filling.  
     When  next  the carousel rotates the bottle picks up a foil cap (or a screw on  cap or a snap on cap) and then the bottle is  
      indexed below the heat sealer for sealing (in the case of the screw on cap machine a screw on mechanism screws the
      cap on to the bottle).   The filled bottles are automatically offloaded onto an accumulation table from which the
     operator can pack them into crates.

      3.1  Foil caps are punched from a roll and heat sealed automatically.
      3.2  Screw on lids are unscrambled and screwed on automatically.


      One for inserting bottles and one for packing. Total:  2.


      5.1   Output
              Size: Output per Hour for free flowing products: (Bottles with 38 mm neck opening )
                                                                   3 valve                  Viscous products
             5000 ml                        up to      360
             2 000 ml                                      800                       Will be slower
             1 000 ml                                     1 500                    
             500 ml                                        2 000                    
             250 ml                                        2 400                    
           (Speed will vary according to product viscosity foaming characteristics and neck size of bottle)
     5.2  Power Supply

            220 volts AC
            Maximum 2 Kw

     5.3  Dimensions

            Base 1300 x 1200 mm
            Height 1 700 mm


     A labeller can be fitted to the machine. Labels are applied to the three filled containers while the table turns.