Terms And Conditions



1.   All quotations, including delivery date, are subject to final confirmation and acceptance.

      If  this document accompanies confirmation of order it will be taken to be the contractual agreement with  these conditions unless there

      is further negotiation in this matter within 2 weeks of the date of this confirmation..

2.   The tender price is based on current rates of  foreign currency exchange, current costs of  imported goods, shipping  freight, insurance,

      duty, coastal charges, railage, cartage and other charges and any increase will be for account of the customer.

3.   All  payments for goods are to be made according to the terms stipulated in  the quotation and the goods remain the  property of  the seller

      until final payment has been made.   If payment terms are not stipulated payment shall be made  not later than the 25th day of  the month in           

      which the goods were delivered or the work done.

4.   If the goods cannot be accepted and paid for by the customer when they have been completed and are due for delivery Handi-Pak may

      the customer notice that if the goods are not paid for within 21 days Handi-Pak has the right to cancel the sale and repossess the

      In such an event the customer forfeits any deposit that may have been paid.

5.   Interest at the prime interest rate will be charged on outstanding amounts without notice.   Further services and supply  of goods may

      be suspended until final payment is made without any liability for consequential loss by Handi-Pak.   All  payments will be made in SA                

      currency free of exchange at our offices at Strand.

6.   Off-loading of equipment and positioning thereof will be for the account of the customer  unless otherwise agreed and  the customer

      accepts  full responsibility for any loss or damage sustained.

7.   If an account is overdue we may withhold or suspend any further contractual obligations and not be held responsible  for any resultant                    

      consequential losses.

8.   The customer will  make all the necessary connections, services and product lines to the  machine according to specification.  

      HandiPak do not accept responsibility for malfunctioning due to inadequate or faulty supply of services  and/or installation not according to

9.   This tender includes only the supply of the goods and/or performance of the services specified.  Any additional goods  delivered or services 

      carried out on the customer’s instructions, or at the insistence of any Government, Municipal  or  other authority shall be added to the tender price and  paid for    


10. Handi-Pak will train  operators and specify the maintenance and running conditions of the machine but do not accept responsibility for

      malfunctioning if the operator fails to comply with these.

11. If commissioning is delayed for reasons beyond our control we may withdraw our staff and make additional charges  for returning to                      

12. When goods are delivered on site they are at the risk of the customer as far as offloading, storing and moving are  concerned and the customer is

      responsible for any loss due to theft, breakages or fire.

13. No agreements made with our employees shall be binding unless these are confirmed by  an appropriate authority in  the company.

14. Delivery is in good faith.   Every attempt will be made to comply with the delivery date agreed to but the Company will not be held responsible  for

      delays that are caused directly or indirectly by circumstances beyond the control of Handi-Pak such as labour  strikes, shortage of material,

      major delays in  components supplied etc. or teething problems with equipment extending pre-delivery  test period and the contract shall not be

      invalidated by such delays.

15. In no event of performance or mechanical failure or delivery delays will the supplier be accountable for any form of consequential loss.

16. Unless otherwise specified these prices are only valid for 60 days but the final contract is still subject to acceptance by   both parties.

17. Where quotations are given for “bought out” machinery the price quoted is subject to confirmation with the supplier  and the seller has the right to pass

      on any increase that may occur before a final contract is negotiated.

18. Import duties on items marked imported.   The equipment offered is at present classified under customs tariff heading   “Duty Free Surcharge Free”.

      Any duty or surcharge which may be imposed at the date of delivery will be for the customer’s account.

19. If goods are ready for delivery and the customer cannot accept delivery, at an agreed delivery date, payment shall be due on the terms

     and the customer will be charged storage at 0.5% of  the contract price per  month

20.In the event of the goods we supply being from a third party  we indemnify ourselves from any possibility of the manufacturer of the

     goods having transgressed patent or franchise rights and any claims in this regard would revert directly to the original supplier manufacturer of the goods.

21.In the event of a dispute between ourselves and the customer which cannot be resolved the Cape Chamber  of  Industries will appoint an                 

     arbitrator with appropriate experience to resolve the dispute.

22.The guarantee is for a period of 6 months against faulty parts but does not include normal wear and tear and excludes travelling and

     technician’s time and it also excludes adjustments to the machine after commissioning.


      South Africa:  50% with order and balance before delivery.

      Abroad:  Confirmed Irrevocable Letter of Credit:

      Payment at sight of shipping documents

      50% Letter of credit due against sight of shipping documents, confirmed by First National Bank in South Africa before we commence

      production and cost of confirmation to be borne by the buyer.

      Reimbursement by the confirming bank to be within 6 (six) UK working days from authenticated claim.